Guy E. Shelley, Jr
American Legion Post 974
352 Marsh Run Road
New Cumberland, PA 17070
(717) 774-3149

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To you is entrusted the important duties of teaching and protecting the cardinal principles of the Sons of The American Legion and the supervision of duties of all other officers of the squadron. You are guided by the squadron constitution and by the decision of the squadron as a body, yet the responsibility for the success of the year’s program rests largely upon your shoulders.  Upon your ability as a leader depends on the accomplishments of your squadron during your year in this office. As presiding officer of your squadron meetings, you should make every effort to see that the meetings are conducted properly. A recommended order of business and the ceremonial ritual for the opening and closing of a squadron meeting are outlined elsewhere in this handbook.


The responsibilities of this office are devoted largely to the membership enrollment activities of the squadron. The responsibilities of this office are concerned primarily with patriotic observances, the development of squadron activities, and planning entertainment and social features which may be scheduled in conjunction with squadron meetings.


This officer is the secretary of the squadron, maintaining an intimate contact with the individual squadron members, keeping the squadron records, and publishing any necessary orders, announcements, and instructions.


This officer has the responsibility of receiving squadron moneys and payment of all squadron bills when authorizations have been given for payment.


This officer is responsible for the spiritual leadership of the squadron. In addition to attending all meetings, he should be ready upon occasion to take part in the initiation of new members, dedication ceremonies, and the funeral services of a comrade.


This officer maintains a current record of the activities of the squadron as a means of continuing a historical account of its endeavors over the years.


This officer is the sentinel or outer guard of the squadron. In addition to being the custodian of the flag and squadron standards, he should be ready at all times to assist the squadron commander.

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